Beth Moses first commercial flight passenger in space, Virgin Galactic flight 55.8 miles high, First woman on commercial spaceflight


From RT.

“Virgin Galactic takes first human passenger into space
Space tourism took a giant leap forward on Friday as Virgin Galactic sent its first passenger to the edge of space. Beth Moses, the company’s chief astronaut instructor, became the first non-pilot to ever achieve the feat.

According to NASA and US military standards, which say space begins at a 50-mile (80.5km) altitude, the craft entered space and the three-person crew became the 569th to 571st people to cross that frontier. The flight reached a height of 55.8 miles (89.9 km).

It was Virgin’s fifth supersonic, rocket-powered test flight and the second time the Richard-Branson-owned company has reached the landmark height.

Moses also achieved the accolade of becoming the first woman to do so on a commercial spaceflight. During the trip, she floated around the cabin to carry out a number of evaluation test points.

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