Insurance company marketing platitudes vs reality, Groucho Marx: ‘The secret of life is honesty and fair
dealing. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.’, My disability case


My disability case is still active so I will refrain from revealing the company…at this juncture.

Groucho Marx nailed it.

Faking honesty and fair dealing is a playbook of our times.

I have experienced it before in other dealings with insurance companies.

It reached a pinnacle of bad experiences with my disability insurance company.

From their 2002 newsletter:

“Committed to honesty, integrity and fairness
Insurance companies are subject to a lot of rules. National and state governments and other regulatory organizations have established a vast array. At [redacted], we recognize the importance of these rules and work diligently to follow them. Then we take an extra step.
We choose to hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard than the regulations demand. We’re part of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association–more commonly known as IMSA.”
Sounds real warm and fuzzy doesn’t it.
In a mediation session a year ago their attorney stated: We as a fraternal organization, are not held to the same standard as insurance companies in NC.
That statement qualifies as:
1. Arrogant.
2. Insensitive.
3. Incorrect (I researched).
4. Counter to their advertising and mission statements.
Sadly, though this may be one of the more flagrant examples, it is not the only one.
Regardless of how this plays out, more to come.
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