Thrivent complaints 2021, “I thought this organization was faith based….Not so.”, “no transparency, no accountability, only interested in sales”


From 2021 Yelp comments.

Larry S. 7/1/21.

“My parents put money into a long term care policy for over 25 years. My father passed of COVID this past January and now at 87, my Mom is going into assisted living. They told her some time ago she would get $100 a day toward her costs. When we called to set this up, they said she would only get $60 a day since it was not a nursing home. They also are doing all they can to disqualify her as she needs to show she cannot do many daily living skills on her own, which she can’t. I thought this organization was faith based and thus, would do right by their customers. Not so.”

Barbara K. 8/13/21.

“If you are thinking of investing with Thrivent…DON’T!

no transparency, no accountability, only interested in sales

I started with Thrivent when it was AAL, then merged with Lutheran Brotherhood, then rebranded as Thrivent. I am doing all I can to escape this company now. The return on investment when compared to my other retirement funds is consistently and significantly lower. My agent was only responsive when he wanted to sell me something or wanted me to rollover other funds to Thrivent. Otherwise, it is crickets chirping. Over the past year I have dealt with my mother’s accounts (she has dementia) as she needed long term care. I could not get her agent to return my calls. After 3 weeks of run around, I called the cooperate offices. I suggest others do the same but be prepared that 1/3 of the time you will get someone who circles around the answer to your question then becomes rude when you ask for specifics. When I filed a claim they took 3 months to process it. I caught the processor lying about having made follow-up phone calls to the LTC facility unaware that I was in the LTC office when he made the phone calls. I attempted to complain about his dishonesty and no one followed up, even after multiple attempts. When they receive a bill from the LTC facility, they openly admit their routine is to let it sit in a queue where no one looks at it for 7 to 10 business days. So, don’t look to have any reimbursement processed quickly. The website portal is primitive and very vague about account details. Most information (vague as well) is only accessible through quarterly statements. A POA is not allowed to have access to the website portal. The catch is, they want all information sent through their secure email or over the phone. The secure email can only be used through the portal to which you are denied access. If you are a POA, expect to have to call and sit on hold for any communication. I use Schwab, TIAA-CREF, and Empower so I see what investment websites should look like. I also work with other investment companies as the POA for my mother and find them accessible and cooperative. I suggest you look elsewhere and not fall into the Thrivent trap.”


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