Teresa J. Rasmussen Thrivent new CEO email and in house attorney response, Preposterous fraudulent Sandy Headington letter shared


From Citizen Wells December 1, 2018.

“I have believed and experienced for years that Thrivent was controlled by attorneys.

Now Thrivent is being run by new CEO Teresa J. Rasmussen, another attorney.

Will she bring more Thrivent touted “Core Christian Values” or attorney driven adversarial positions?

I sent Ms. Rasmussen a heads up email about my case about a week ago.

To her credit, she passed the email on to another in house attorney, the same one who took part in my “mediation” session.

I received an email from him 4 days ago and responded.

From Finance & Commerce October 16, 2018.

“Teresa Rasmussen is Thrivent’s new CEO

Teresa J. Rasmussen, currently president of Minneapolis-based Thrivent Financial, will take over as CEO by the end of the month. She replaces Bradford Hewitt, who is retiring after eight years of leading the financial services organization.”


Apparently there is enough evidence to draw the conclusion that the Ethisphere Institute award is one of the best ethics awards that money can buy.


If Thrivent wishes to protect its “valued reputation” it should immediately issue an apology to me and set in motion efforts for reparations.”


The response from the in house attorney was typical of Thrivent’s adversarial positions.

In my response I asked if this attorney or Ms. Rasmussen had read the preposterous/fraudulent letter sent by Sandy Headington on August 10, 2018 to the NC Insurance Commission.

It has been 4 days and I have not received a response.

More on the letter:



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