Farewell Mom as you wished from Yum Yum, Jacquelyn Dabbs’ request in lieu of sad funeral, Aydelette family run business of hot dogs and ice cream, Mom and best friend Patricia celebrated birthdays there for some 40 years


From 1808 Magazine March 30, 2018.

“Farewell Mom, as you wished, from Yum Yum”

“Inside the unassuming brick walls of Yum Yum Better Ice Cream and Hot Dogs, romances have blossomed, wedding anniversaries and birthdays have been celebrated.

At one of the oldest family-operated business in Greensboro, the Aydelette family has treasured generations of traditions since founding Yum Yum in 1906.

Most recently a new tradition unfolded.

It was an unconventional farewell to honor the life of my mother, Jacquelyn Dabbs. In lieu of a sad funeral, my Mom requested her closest friends and family members meet at Yum Yum, eat a hot dog “all the way,” savor Butter Pecan ice cream, and drink Coke from a glass bottle.

Yum Yum was such a special spot to her that she celebrated her 83rd birthday last December confined to her home but sporting a Yum Yum paper cap and blowing out a candle in a tub of Butter Pecan ice cream.

We all knew it would be her last birthday as ALS ravaged her body. Mom passed away peacefully the following month.

A lifetime tradition

My mom and her best friend Patricia met in fifth grade at Lindley Elementary. “Jack” and “Pat” were thick as thieves to the end. They began celebrating their birthdays at Yum Yum some 40 years ago, laughing and licking ice cream as it trickled down their arms on hot summer days.

Jackie married and had three children, my bothers Steve and David and I. Pat married and gave birth to Cheri and Wendy. Our mothers took us all to Yum Yum’s original location on Spring Garden, where UNCG’s Mossman Building now stands, as children.

When Cheri, Wendy and I married and became mothers, we followed the tradition of bringing our children to Yum Yum.”

“On a chilly afternoon, just one day shy of the first month anniversary of my mom’s passing, we met at Yum Yum to fulfill her wish. As we placed our orders for hot dogs, Pat broke down in tears. We held on to each other, grieving for her best friend, my mom.”

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