George Sellers Civil War letter February 27, 1863, To my dear sister Suizann, Camped south of Richmond, I remain your affectionate brother until death


My Great Great Grandfather George Sellers.


Camp near Chisler Staton (Station)
Feb the 27 1863

To my dear sister Suizann.

It is with pleasure that I seat myself this morning in and to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present time truly hoping that these few lines may reach you in due time to find you all enjoying the like
I have not received any letter from you lately but hope to get one soon.
Henry is still at the hospital at Richmond he is on the mend
I herd from him yesterday
William I don’t know how he is
I hear that he is camped abought two or three miles this side of Richmond. We are stationed 13 miles below Richmond 9 miles Petersburg. I will now give you a history of our march
It was raining when the orders came for marching & we cooked up 8 days rashions & started & it was raining we went on till night & camped & it slacked up raining but looked very much like it all the time & we started early next morning & marched abought 25 miles & it rain all the time & we camped that night & when we got up next morning the ground was abought knee deep in snow & it was sleeting & every thing wet & frozed up but we fixed up & abought 12 o’clock it quit sleeting & commenced raining & rained till night & then it it held up & we camped & made up a fiar & cut some poles & laid down to keep out of the snow & water & we dried ourselves the best we could & next morning we started & marched through a flat country & it rained prety hard & there was so many thousands of men along till the mud was worked up as deep as it could be it rained all that day & that night. We came within four miles of Richmond & camped & we were all wet & no chance of having much fiar So we cut a few poles & stood on them around what little fiar we had & next morning we were all as wet as we could be & everything that we had was in the same fix

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& heavy & we started next morning & it held up raining we came two miles below Richmond & camped & stayed thare one day & dried up all of our things & next day we came down hear to the station 13 miles from Richmond & the night we got hear it did not look like for rain so the men did not fix up any & next morning they ware all in snow abought 15 inches deep So we are hear yet We are waiting for orders to move I don’t know wheare we are going some says one place & some says another & there is no telling when till we get thare. So I think that I have said enough abought the war for this time. So hear is a for you & one for Mike. SS ls ls Mikes. I want you to write to me whether Gin is with fole or not & if she aint I want Mike to put her to the same horse & if she has got a colt tell Mike to write to me & write to me till I & tell him to write whether it is a horse or a mare. Tell mother that I think it is time I was getting a letter from her & tell Rebecca that that I think it is geting time to get one from her So I have nothing more of information at present time hoping to hear from you all soon So I remain your affectionate brother until death

George Sellers

To Suizann Sellers
Direct your next letter to camp near Richmond VA”



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