Pat Korry obituary, Marian Patricia McCarthy Korry, Wife of Ambassador Ed Korry, Interviewed Marshall Tito, Knew Kennedys Johnsons Nixons Gertrude Stein et al


From the Charlotte Observer obituaries.

“Marian Patricia McCarthy Korry

Marian Patricia Korry, a resident of Charlotte, NC for the past 27 years passed away at the age of 90 on September 13 at White Oak Manor of Charlotte. Born Marian McCarthy in Syracuse, New York, she was the daughter of Dennis & Mildred McCarthy and granddaughter of NY Governor Nathan Miller. She graduated from Vassar College in 1947 and soon after departed for Budapest, Hungary to serve as secretary to the American Ambassador’s wife where she also contributed 60 minute current event reports on Radio Free Europe. She married Edward M. Korry, in 1950 who became the European editor for UPI, then Look Magazine and later US Ambassador to Ethiopia and Chile. She spent 23 years living in Belgrade, Berlin, Paris, London, NYC, Ethiopia and Chile before living in Washington DC, Briarcliff Manor, NY and Stonington, CT. In 1984, they left the US and lived in Pully, Switzerland returning to settle in Charlotte. She was actively involved in community fund raising for orphanages and schools and sitting on community boards. A writer, editor, student of art, and most recently a docent at the Mint Museum where she delivered lectures and contributed writings.”

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From one of my encounters with Pat Korry.

“Here is the rest of the story.

They knew the Kennedys, Johnsons and Nixons.

One day they were at the White House. Her husband Ed was in a back room discussing something with Lyndon Johnson. Someone who had witnessed the discussions told Pat that her husband had his finger pushing it at Johnson’s chest. Few people got away with that.

They attended parties in Paris with Gertrude Stein and a host of other famous people.

Pat Korry was the first female radio broadcaster in Europe after WWII and interviewed Marshal Tito. She also hobnobbed with the top radio news personalities.

Pat’s stories went on and on as I sat there speechless.

She gave me her initial memoirs to critique which I agreed not to divulge.”

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