Queen Family Appalachian tradition & back porch music UNC TV, Cleansed my soul of worries, Joy of hearing good people play old tunes, Claw hammer banjo fiddle and guitar


I was working in my office earlier today, with the TV on for “company” as I often do and suddenly heard familiar sounds. It was:

The Queen Family

Appalachian Tradition & Back Porch Music #101

On the NC Channel of UNC TV.

Just what the doctor ordered!

It instantly lifted my spirits and cleansed my soul of worries.

Good people playing familiar old tunes on the clawhammer banjo, fiddle and guitar with joyful voices.

My friend, Larry Queen, I believe, is related to them.

From their website.

“Appalachian music is created by mountain folk musicians who draw upon time-honored traditions passed down from their great ancestors. A Great example of Appalachian mountain music is the award-winning Queen Family of Western North Carolina.

Matriarch, Mary Jane Queen and the Queen Family, have received awards from the National Heritage Fellowship: Master Artist in 2007 for important contribution’s to music and American Culture, as well as the North Carolina Folk Heritage Award in 1993. Her winning ways, honest enthusiasm, and love of music made Mary Jane Queen a favorite among audiences whom always requested her signature song, “I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again.” She and husband Claude Queen taught their eight children how to live off the mountain land and how to play music and sing.

The Queen Family was awarded the Western Carolina University Mountain Heritage Award in 1999, and the North Carolina Folklore Society Brown Hudson Award in 2001, as well as numerous awards by various family members at the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival throughout the years. North Carolina State University has created two folk life documentaries featuring this musical family. Mountain Talk, a study of dialects and linguistics in  the mountains of NC, featured a soundtrack with songs from Mary Jane and Henry Queen.

This film was later followed by a documentary about the family entitled The Queen Family: Back Porch Music. Blends of Bluegrass, old time, gospel and country filled the air as the mother and her offspring interacted effortlessly and expertly to share their craft in this DVD.

Whether the Queen Family is performing together at local festivals or just gathered on the kitchen porch back at the old home place in North Carolina, music is their common voice.”

Read more and order a CD.






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