Thrivent disability claim denial, My first experience Part 3, Doctor uses definition provided by Thrivent “unable to work” instead of contract “unable to perform regular occupation”, Thrivent misrepresentation


Part 3 – Much Pain and More Frustration

In Part 3 I will describe  surgery, my hospital stay and more frustration as Thrivent continues to ignore the contract using “unable to work” in place of the contract stipulation of unable to perform regular occupation. Thrivent gives the doctor the wrong definition and refuses to acknowledge their mistake. Which type of misrepresentation have they committed? You be the judge.

I called Thrivent on December 14, 2001 to disagree about the date of disability. Dr. Aluisio had put 12/17/01, the date of surgery because he was presented the incorrect language for the contract. He was presented “unable to work” instead of contract “unable to perform regular occupation”.

From Thrivent’s transcript of the conversation:

12/14/2001 01:45:20 PM

“Also, we’re saying he’s been TD since 12/17/01 so his ep won’t be met until 3/16/02. Explained we have to have medical verification of the disability, if he was TD prior to that date, we would be happy to review any documentation that supports TD. OK, he’ll get ahold of his doctor.”

Here we go. The beginning of insanity. My pointing out to the Dr. and Thrivent that the definition of the contract was not being used. The doctor used the definition given to him by Thrivent.

December 17, 2001 was the day of surgery. I was in the hospital 5 days in excruciating pain. The doctor told me my knee was the worst he had ever seen.

On December 26, 2001 I discussed my concerns with the local Thrivent representative. They agreed to send more forms for a resubmission of claims.

I received a letter from Ann Weyenberg of Thrivent dated December 26, 2001.

Once again Thrivent uses “unable to work” disregarding the contract language.

I returned to Dr. Aluisio’s office and explained what Thrivent needed and once again provided my job duties.

On January 9, 2002 Dr. Aluisio provided another statement of disability.

On January 17, 2002 Thrivent responded with a letter stating that Dr. Aluisio again provided a disability date of 12/17/01.


On February 4, 2002 I called Thrivent to voice my displeasure with their wording on the claim forms. I later requested the transcript and will present it later.

I was still in a lot of pain. This pain affects your life in many ways, affecting sleep and ultimately blood pressure. I had the additional emotional stress of dealing with Thrivent.

At no time did I feel the “blessings” of their alleged “core Christian values.”

In Part 4 I will reveal the smoking gun of what the doctor filled out, how the doctor was misled and the absurdity of what was written.




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