My disability insurance company had a total adjusted surplus of $ 4.6 billion in 2009, Denied my claim twice, Cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and pain and anguish, They’re closer to disciples of Lucifer than Christ

“Christians (and Christian organizations) cannot be neutral when it comes to confessing the truth of God’s Word. You’re either with Jesus or you’re against Him. And, for my part, If I’m going to do business with a wolf, I’d rather it not come to me in sheep’s clothing. So [redacted], here’s a simple plea: repent, re-commit yourself to Christian values, or please take off the fleece.”

Pastor Eric Andersen

Since my disability case is apparently about to go into litigation, I will refrain from mentioning specifics.

From the disability company’s literature:

“[redacted] Christian Calling”

“[redated] heritage of answering God’s call has led to a strong membership-owned organization that now welcomes Christians seeking to live out their faith.”

My disability insurance company had a total adjusted surplus of $ 4.6 billion in 2009.

They denied my claim twice in 2009.

They obfuscated and misquoted the terms of our legal contract.

They employed the industry standard of delay and deny.

They were adversarial, not helpful and in no way did I feel like I was being treated with Christian love or compassion.

From Top ten reasons how an insurer takes advantage of you.

“These people know the real score. So, when the insurer writes the policy for coverage, it has already assessed its projected profit margin in terms of premiums collected as reduced by projected claims to be paid. The insurer also realizes that it increases its guaranteed profit by denying merit worthy claims, thus creating windfall profit for itself and its stockholders.”

My impression of this company is more of a disciple of Lucifer than of Christ.


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