Herbert Ira London, Ph.D. obituary, Succumbed to coronary disease at age 79, Headed London Center for Policy Research


From the National Review.

“The conservative movement lost a giant Saturday. And I lost my oldest friend in New York. Herbert Ira London, Ph.D., a legendary public intellectual, succumbed to coronary disease at age 79.

The 6’5” London excelled at basketball in high school, at Columbia University, and was drafted by the NBA’s Syracuse Nationals, but an injury foiled his hoop dreams. He sang a hit rock & roll record in 1959 and became a cherished professor, conservative activist, and author of 30 books.

London ran for New York mayor in 1989. As 1990’s Conservative gubernatorial nominee, he polled just 1 percent behind Republican Pierre Rinfret. The GOP picked London for state comptroller in 1994.

After founding and leading NYU’s Great Books–oriented Gallatin Division from 1972 to 1992, London was the Hudson Institute’s president from 1997 to 2011. He launched the London Center for Policy Research in 2013 and spearheaded it until his death. The Center’s scholars focus on solving America’s foreign and domestic challenges.

“Herb was a Renaissance man’s Renaissance man,” said London Center vice president Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer. “In all aspects, he was a peerless scholar and visionary leader who knowledgeably and comfortably could discuss history, philosophy, art, science, and the latest baseball scores.”

The three of us met at a now-kaput restaurant called Bayamo on Broadway near NYU. Herb and I became instant friends and subsequently enjoyed countless lunches, dinners, and conversations. We often ground our molars marveling at the idiocy of Big Government.

Under the aegis of the delightfully unspecific Center for the Study of Society, Herb organized lunchtime meetings of the New York Discussion Group. This usually involved an author or thinker who presented a topic for about ten minutes at a local club, restaurant, or high-rise conference room. Then, about 15 to 20 of us journalists, academics, attorneys, and entrepreneurs would pepper the speaker with challenges and grill him with questions. This was like a doctoral defense, but with better food. At one such gathering, we pondered “teleological vs. ontological cosmology.””

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From London Center for Policy Research.

“November 11, 2018 – Dr. Herbert I. London, Ph.D., founder of the
London Center for Policy Research, former dean of New York University’s Gallatin Division, and leading American conservative intellectual passed away last night after a coronary ailment. He was 79.”

“In 2013, Dr. London founded the London Center for Policy Research, which he guided until his death. This organization is the vessel through which he advanced U.S. national interests and enlightened our Republic’s leaders on the vital need to ensure that America remains the greatest nation on Earth. His deep
understanding of our national fabric and his wish to support the aspirations of the American people have inspired the London Center to become this country’s premier “think and do” tank. Likewise, the London Center and its scholars provide thoughtful solutions to a variety of domestic and foreign-policy challenges.
“Herb’s dedication and commitment to America and furthering its place in the world stemmed from his deep-seated love for this country,” said Eli M. Gold, senior vice president of the London Center. “His patriotism was unsurpassed.”
“Herb was a Renaissance man’s Renaissance man,” said Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, the London Center’s vice president for strategic initiatives and operations. “In all aspects, he was a peerless scholar and visionary leader who knowledgeably and comfortably could discuss history, philosophy, art, science, and the latest baseball scores.”
“Herb was not only a spectacular leader, he was a good man,” said Laddyma Thompson, the London Center’s secretary and treasurer. “An amazing father to his three daughters, Stacy, Nancy and Jaclyn; an effective instructor to young people; a brilliant mentor to professionals, both fledgling and venerated; and a devoted husband to his wife, Vicki.” ”

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