CEO Teresa Rasmussen Thrivent code of conduct position mirrors Brad Hewitts’s?, Fraud?, Retaliation?, Investigations?, Code of Ethics?


Teresa Rasmussen became the CEO of Thrivent in October 2018.

She replaced Brad Hewitt.

The Thrivent Code of Conduct under Brad Hewitt:

Will Teresa Rasmussen adhere to and embrace this Code of Conduct?

I sent Ms. Rasmussen an email on November 25, 2018.

She forwarded the email to attorney Wayne Luck.

Unfortunately, Mr. Luck is one of the players in this travesty unleashed by Thrivent upon me. His participation needs to be reviewed and investigated.

From the email to Teresa Rasmussen:

“Ms Rasmussen.

You are new to your position as CEO of Thrivent. As such I assume you are an innocent party to my horrendous treatment by Thrivent.
I have had 2 claims with Thrivent, both involved documented fraudulent misrepresentation by Thrivent.
I have been involved in an ongoing struggle with Thrivent since 2009. I recently discovered the reasons for Thrivent’s unreasonable & bizarre demands.
A letter written by Sandy Headington August 10, 2018 to the NC Insurance Commission let the cat out of the bag.”

After attorney Luck responded with false statements and accusations, I sent them both a copy of the letter Sandy Headington sent to the NC Insurance Commission.

This letter contains the fraudulent misrepresentations that have been used to drive their claims demands and accusations.

Some excerpts from the Thrivent Code of Conduct:

“To preserve our reputation as an ethical organization, we expect everyone acting on behalf of Thrivent to know and understand our Code of Conduct and follow its principles. This includes:
• Corporate employees, which include subsidiary employees and interns.
• Field members, including field management, financial representatives, and their employees and interns.
• Key consultants and key contractors acting on behalf of Thrivent.
• Directors serving on our boards.

Making the Right Decisions
Although this summary document highlights the key principles that guide our behavior at Thrivent, the Code cannot address every ethical situation. In those cases, use your best judgment to make the right decision or seek guidance.
Consider these questions before you act:
• Does my action conflict with Thrivent’s core values?
• Is it legal?
• How would my family or friends view
my behavior?
• How would my action look as a headline
in tomorrow’s newspaper?
• Could my behavior harm Thrivent’s reputation?
These guidelines, along with the supporting documents found on the Code of Conduct website, will help you to always do the
right thing.”

“Non-Retaliation and Investigations
All issues raised regarding Thrivent policy breaches will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated according to our investigation process. Based on the results of the investigation, we will take any necessary action. Under our Code, everyone is held to the same standards.
Thrivent prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports a good faith concern or asks questions about policies or practices. Reports made in good faith should not expose you to sanctions, regardless of whether underlying facts prove to be correct or result in any action. If you believe you have faced retaliation of any kind, report it to the Thrivent Code of Conduct Office, HR or the external hotline for investigation. Those who retaliate are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.”

External regulators are increasingly stringent when reviewing suspected fraudulent activities. Thrivent also continues to emphasize fraud awareness to better protect our clients and our organization.
We have a zero-tolerance policy and may seek prosecution against individuals and vendors who commit fraud. Thrivent established internal processes and procedures to help protect client and corporate assets. We seek to identify, investigate and resolve any breaches. You are encouraged to be familiar with fraud risk factors, work to identify possible schemes and scenarios relevant to the financial services industry and take the appropriate steps to report the fraud.”

“Code of Ethics
Ethical behavior is key to sustaining long-term client relationships and becoming the financial services organization of choice for Christians. As part of our commitment to ethical behavior, Thrivent complies with all applicable laws and regulations from regulatory bodies, such as the SEC and FINRA. In addition to our Code of Conduct, we adopted written codes of ethics for persons identified as supervised or access persons as defined by the codes of ethics of Thrivent Investment Management Inc. or Thrivent Asset Management, LLC. Together, these codes will help prevent any of us from engaging in any act, practice or course of business prohibited under the applicable federal securities laws.”


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